David Borde

David brings a strong visual composition and technical ability to his photography.

David is a consummate visual artist with a host of skills in his toolbox. Early on in his career he could be found on a film set, making magic for the camera and for clients like McDonald’s and Reese’s. Developing quick solutions to challenging technical problems is what separates David from the pack. In 1988, David built his first photography darkroom. Home training himself through Ansel Adams' books "Negative" and "Print", the strict practices and techniques of the zone system master gave him a solid traditional best practice method for optimizing black and white prints. Soon, he began exploring special effect photo illustration techniques using multiple images composited together with pin registration, kodalith masks and in-camera masks. In 1992, he built his second darkroom which included full color imaging and duplication capability.

From 1985 through 1998, David worked in both the film and photography industries. Freelancing for top ad agency production companies as a special effects rigger, David incorporated many film techniques into his still photography style. In 1998, he signed on with Campaign Communications, a multimedia ad agency and printer. He launched their digital photography division and in so doing honed his digital imaging skills in that high production environment. While there, he met his future BIGAD partner and co-designer, Kyle Gronert. Today, he is equally at home framing subjects from behind the lens or tweaking images in front of the monitor. David is a twenty-plus year industry veteran who majored in music at the University of Michigan and is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Since 2001, he has also focused on web development in the areas of xhtml, css, javascript, xml, ajax, MySql, PHP, and Flash. In 2006, David returned to school to pursue a degree in web design and multimedia. In both photogrphy and web design, he strives to promote Web 2.0 standards and practices in all his web designs in order to make the internet the uplifting and egalitarian open source community of ideas it was meant to be.


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